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This is a bathroom completed recently Using Jerusalem Stone for walls and floor.


Jerusalem stone is not only the most popular building material in Israel, it is the most beautiful and meaningful in the world. For the past 3,000 years, the holy city of Jerusalem has been built and rebuilt with Jerusalem stone. In fact, the current law in Jerusalem requires all structures to be covered in this stunning ancient material, giving the city a unique and magnificent look and feel. Everything in Jerusalem, from its hotels to its supermarkets, is made from Jerusalem stone, which serves as a classic symbol to distinguish the city from all others in the world.

Where does Jerusalem stone come from?

Beneath the mountains and hilltops of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas lay three types of stone – sedimentary limestone, dolomite, and dolomitic limestone. These three varieties are quarried from the highlands and fashioned into Jerusalem stone fit for construction.

The stones are naturally multi-coloured, ranging from white to beige to pink. The term “Jerusalem of Gold” originated from the glow of the setting sun on the lightly-coloured stones, creating a golden-hued reflection.

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Bathroom floor Shower valve shower head

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Lounge ceiling completed recently in the Fareham area, this was plastered over the old Artex and made ready for decoration.

Plastering and decoration to a lounge in Fareham